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The magic of winter weddings in Milan: Tips and tricks of an elite wedding planner

Winter in Milan is an enchanting and romantic season to celebrate marriage. With its cold weather and twinkling lights, it offers the perfect atmosphere to swear eternal love in the city of fashion and design.

In this article, we reveal the secrets and elite wedding planner tips for creating a fairytale winter wedding in the Lombard capital.

Piazza del Duomo a Milano
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Choosing the right colour palette, selecting atmospheric locations and organising details such as wedding invitations, menus and ceremony booklets are just some of the challenges an elite wedding planner can easily tackle. Thanks to his experience and creativity, he can turn every wedding into a work of art.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the magic of winter weddings in Milan? Then get ready to discover all the tricks and tips for an unforgettable event.

Winter colour palette

Choosing the right colours for your wedding is a crucial step in creating an enchanting and unforgettable atmosphere. Each colour has the power to convey unique emotions and feelings, so take the time to select those that best represent your style and vision for the big day. With the right colour combination, your wedding will capture the magic and beauty of the season. This winter palette will be invaluable not only when selecting flowers but also when creating your wedding invitations, menus, ceremony booklets and all the elements that make up your stationery.

Harmony of Silver and White:

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The classic combination of silver and white is always an elegant choice for a winter wedding in Milan. This palette evokes the whiteness and brightness of winter, creating an atmosphere of purity and sophistication. You can use these shades for details such as tablecloths, centrepieces or decorations, adding a touch of elegance to every element of your wedding.


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Bordeaux is a rich, enveloping colour that recalls the warm tones of red wine and the dark wood of winter forests. It is an ideal choice for winter weddings in Milan, as it adds a note of elegance and warmth to the atmosphere. This colour can be used for the bride's bouquet, floral decorations and even the bridesmaids' dresses, creating a charming harmony with the winter landscape.

The Charm of Green and Gold:

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Emerald green and gold create a palette that evokes the atmosphere of winter forests and bright festivities. These shades add a touch of vibrancy and magic to your wedding, reflecting the energy of the holiday season. Use green and gold to decorate centrepieces, ornaments and even the bride and groom's accessories for a touch of luxury.


The perfect winter mise en place

When it comes to organising a winter wedding, the table is one of the key elements in creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Whether you love rustic, classic elegance or modern enchantment, Milan offers the perfect setting to make your dream come true.

Rustic Winter Style

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For a wedding with a rustic and cosy atmosphere, start with raw linen tablecloths or fabrics with natural textures such as jute. This choice will create a cosy and authentic look. For the centrepiece, opt for pine branches, fir cones and white candles, giving the table a typical winter touch. For cutlery and crockery, you can opt for neutral colours, such as slate grey or white, for a clean and elegant look. For coasters, you can use wood or tree trunks for a natural touch. Place cards, on the other hand, can be made from small pine twigs or kraft paper with the guests' names written on them.

Classic Winter Elegance

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If you want a wedding with a touch of classic elegance, start with white or ivory tablecloths made of luxurious fabrics such as velvet. This choice will create a timeless atmosphere. For the centrepiece, go for tall, thin crystal or silver candles surrounded by boughs of holly and red berries for a Christmas touch. Opt for silver or gold cutlery and crockery, crystal coasters or coasters with sparkling details will be perfect to add a touch of elegance. For place cards, you can use personalised greeting cards or small Christmas ornaments as gifts for guests.

Modern Winter Enchantment

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If you are looking for a modern and enchanting winter wedding in Milan, you can start with silk organza tablecloths in shades of ice blue or silver, creating a romantic and contemporary atmosphere. For the centrepiece, opt for luminous garlands and suspended crystal balls, which will give the table a magical and unique touch. Choose minimalist cutlery and crockery in stainless steel or white ceramic for a modern style. Transparent or mirrored coasters will add a design element to the ensemble. For place cards, you can use photographs of the bride and groom or modern love quotes.

With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create an unforgettable event that reflects your love.

Now you just have to get into the swing of preparations and live your dream with style and elegance.


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