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Trendy flowers for weddings 2023: Tips from Melòdia Eventi, wedding planner in Milan

Flowers are the essence of every wedding, the touch of natural beauty that reflects your love story. In 2023, wedding floral trends are evolving towards arrangements that celebrate the personality and individual style of couples.

With Melòdia Eventi, you can get the most exclusive and refined advice for your wedding in Milan.

Ephemeral Elegance: The Most Popular Flowers of 2023

This year, as every wedding planner in Milan knows, elegance in weddings is expressed through flowers that capture the ephemeral beauty of nature: lush peonies, exotic orchids, delicate buttercups, and essential anthuriums. These flowers not only bring a sense of luxury and sophistication, but also offer a colour palette that perfectly matches the latest colour trends.

Melòdia Eventi, experts in wedding planning in Milan, carefully select each flower with the support of professional collaborators, ensuring that each bouquet and each arrangement is perfectly in line with the atmosphere and style of your wedding.

Fiori matrimonio bianco e verde ranuncolo, garofano giapponese e orchidea
bouquet sposa di peonie rosa
Dettaglio centrotavola floreale matrimonio con orchidea

Sustainability and Style: Seasonal and Local Flowers

We cannot talk about 2023 trends without mentioning the growing importance of sustainability. Seasonal flowers are not only an environmentally friendly choice, they are often fresher.

A spring wedding could be embellished with local hydrangeas and buttercups, while in autumn one could choose amaranthus and dahlia for their rich hues. There is a beauty in celebrating each season with its natural gifts, and we strive to find the most harmonious way to integrate them into your big day.

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Your wedding is a composition, and the flowers you choose are the key notes that resonate through the memory of the happiest day of your life.

Melòdia Eventi is here to ensure that these notes create a melody that will remain in the hearts of those who attend.

Together with you we create a masterpiece that, even when the petals have fallen, will live eternally in your memories and photographs.


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